MAG Revolver Class

This is a two-day double-action revolver class. Mas has been teaching cops and others to survive with revolvers since 1972, has won numerous state and regional championships and one national title with revolvers and has assembled a staff of ace wheel-gunners to assist in putting on this class.  

Learn double action trigger mastery, and various street- and competition-proven reloading techniques (including one-hand only with either hand).

Some of the topics covered are:

  • Single stage pull, double stage, and single action. Rationale of DAO.
  • Review of double-action revolver shooting. Styles: Traditional, bobbed hammer, shrouded hammer, “hammerless.”  
  • Grasp options.
  • Grip/stock options.
  • Stance options.
  • Revolver pros and cons.
  • Pros and cons of various brands.
  • Reloads: FBI style, FLETC style, StressFire Reload.
  • Discussion on various types of speedloaders.
  • Belt loops, dump pouches, Speed Strips.
  • Revolver tactical reload. Right hand ONLY reload and Left hand ONLY reload.
  • Strong hand only shooting and Weak hand only shooting.

Various drills and qualifications will be shot on the range

Prerequisite: basic understanding of firearms safety.

Cost: $500

What Do I bring?

  • Medium to large frame service style double action revolver recommended, small frame optional, we suggest bring both. HAVING A SPARE REVOLVER IN THE SAME CALIBER AS YOUR TRAINING GUN IS NEVER A BAD IDEA.  We cannot accept single action frontier style revolvers as the reloading slows down everyone else on the firing line. If you have any questions about the suitability of your gun, please contact us. 
  • A good quality holster. Appropriate holster for each revolver, strong side suggested but not required.  Pocket holster not recommended for regular drills but you just might find use for it. Each holster must have covered trigger guard.
  • A minimum of 3 speedloaders per revolver type brought. With moon clip revolvers, the more the better. WITH MOON CLIP GUNS WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU BRING DE-MOONER AND IF POSSIBLE MOON CLIP LOADER. (Saves time and finger fatigue.)
  • Pouches for speedloaders.
  • A sturdy belt, to support the above.
  • Hearing protection.
  • Eye protection.
  • At least 500 rounds of decent quality, reliable ammunition500 rounds of training ammo. With Magnums we suggest no more than 100  Magnum loads supplemented by at least 400 Specials due to hand fatigue potential.
  • Clothing suitable for the weather and the range. If necessary, we will finish our range work in whatever conditions exist at class time, live-fire classes run rain or shine, mud may be involved.
  • Raingear plus a light jacket and sweater or sweatshirt (mornings and evenings can be cold, even in Florida).
  • Note-taking materials.  Audio or video recording of the class is not allowed.
  • Firearm cleaning supplies Bore brush and toothbrush for cleaning under ejector star plus any tools/lubricants that you might need.
  • A flashlight. Although we will not be doing any night shooting, it can get getting dark fairly early. A flashlight might be handy for packing up your gear and getting to your car.

Please note that the above list is just the essentials. You may bring additional items (such as a range bag, extra magazines, folding chairs and tables, tarps etc.), if you choose.

Many of our range locations have portable toilets, most do not have running water. For your comfort you might want to bring wipes, disposable washcloths and/or hand sanitizer.

Please bring your own lunches, snacks, beverages etc. We have a “working lunch” in all classes. Many of our facilities do not have a place close enough to purchase meals and get back in a reasonable amount of time. Also, remember that many of our classes are 10-hour days so if you need another meal in that amount of time please bring it.  Bring water, while we do provide water at all of our locations, it never hurts to bring some more. We teach in many locations and cannot guarantee the comfort of the chairs, if that might be an issue for you feel free to bring a cushion to sit on (We like this one).

If you have any questions ask the host of the class you are taking.

All Classes meet at 8:30 AM on the First Day