Defensive Rifle for the Armed Citizen

This one-day course is specifically designed around the most common rifle platform used by Armed Citizens in the United States, the AR-15 or M4 family. Other rifles are allowed in this course however the Course of Fire revolves around semi-automatic rifles using 30 round magazines.

“Defensive Rifle Skills for the Armed Citizen” is NOT a “MILITARY or SWAT TEAM” course. This course is for “Armed Citizens” in a defensive role for novice and beginner first time users to limited experience rifle owners.

Instruction includes nomenclature, parts, accessories, slings, sights, optics, ammunition selection as well as cleaning and maintenance of the AR-15 or M4 rifle family. The Staff will assist each student in performing zeroing (sighting in) the student’s rifle with either iron sights, red dot sights or optics. A detailed explanation and the reasoning for specific distances in zeroing involving the “defensive” use of the rifle with each type sights is also covered.

Each student will then perform several shooting drills including safely operating the rifle, stances to improve accuracy, emergency reloads, engaging multiple targets, malfunction clearances, grip, trigger cycling and individual and partner movement. Each student will need three magazines and a way to carry those magazines on their body. The Course of Fire includes firing approximately 500 rounds of ammunition from various distances from 4 to 50 yards in a number of shooting positions.

This will be the first of a three-part rifle series which will also include “Intermediate” then “Advanced” Rifle Skills for the Armed Citizen available through the Massad Ayoob Group.

David Maglio teaching a rifle class
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Instructor: David Maglio

Cost: $200.00