MAG-IC: Massad Ayoob Group – Instructor Course

The Massad Ayoob Group – Instructor Course (MAG-IC) is for the MAG-30 Advanced Handgun Course graduate that wishes to instruct MAG-20 Range Courses. Upon their safe and successful completion of MAG-IC, Candidates will be appointed a Staff Instructor through the Massad Ayoob Group and authorized to instruct MAG-20 Range Courses.

MAG-IC is a “Subject Matter” Instructor Course and is NOT an Instructor Development Course. Candidates should be well grounded as an Instructor, such as Rangemaster, NRA, DOJ and similar type organizations. Each Candidate will need to be able to explain and demonstrate the Core Techniques for Massad Ayoob’s Defense Handgun Shooting System.

All Standard Speed Qualification need a passing score of 90% proficiency. The Mirror Image Qualification, Revolver, Back Up Gun and the Quadruple Speed Qualifications all need a 75% proficiency.

Each student will need a minimum of three (3) magazines or speed loaders. Two (2) magazines or speed loaders must be worn in a magazine pouch or speed loader holder on the student’s belt. Each student will need “muff type” ear protection and eye protection for this course.

A MAG-30 Range certificate and current Proof of Good Character are non-negotiable prerequisites for MAG-IC.

Tuition: $1,039.00


David Maglio


In accordance with International Traffic in Arms Regulations, only United States Citizens with current “Proof of Good Character” will be accepted to participate in this course.