MAG30 / Range

MAG-30 Range is a three-day course is specifically designed to bring the MAG-20 Range or MAG-40 Graduate to the next level of their shooting skills using Massad Ayoob’s Defensive Handgun Shooting System. MAG-30 Range is a physically and mentally demanding course. The 3,000 round count Course of Fire is extremely structured for maximum efficiency. Each core StressFire technique is trained, skill builder drills are performed, and a minimum score is needed for each of the eight (8) qualifications. All qualifications need a passing score of 90%, 270 points scored out of a possible 300 points. All techniques during all qualifications must be performed properly, within the time limits, with passing scores, to receive a MAG-30 Range certificate.

Each student will need a minimum of five (5) magazines or speed loaders. All magazines or speed loaders must be worn in a magazine pouch or speed loader holder on the student’s belt. Each student will need “muff type” ear protection and eye protection for this course.

Like all Massad Ayoob Group courses, current “Proof of Good Character” is needed.

Proof of Good Character is *ONE OF THE FOLLOWING*

a.  Current State Issued Permit/License to carry a concealed handgun

b.  Current Federal Firearms License

c.   Current FOID Card (Illinois Residents Only)

d.  Current Police or Military Identification

e.  Other current proof of clean criminal record.  Most Sheriff’s Offices will run these for you at a nominal fess, done routinely in many occupations.

Instructor:           David Maglio

Prerequisite:      A MAG-40,  MAG-20 Range, LFI-1, *OR* a StressFire certificate

Cost: $520